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Papercut: How to Search/Use this Manual


  1. Enter a search term in this fieldand press Enter.

Note: If possible, try and be as specific and use unique search terms that will result in the narrowest of results.

Note: If your search happens to include a Boolean operator like and or not then you will need to put the search term in quotes.

  1. Searches may not only be limited to the manual that you are currently in but instead it will search all the manuals and the corresponding results displayed on-screen.
    • To sort by a particular manual, click on Relevance at the top of the screen and select Guide Name.
  2. Each set of results will have a topic link followed by a link to the manual it was found in. e.g. Claims Returned on Circulation Services.
    • Results will vary based on the search term entered. There may be multiple hits. You may need to scroll down the page or look at multiple pages to find the relevant search result.
  3. Click on the topic link for the search result that you feel will likely give you the answer for which you are looking. e.g for the example above you would click on the Claims Returned link not the Circulation Services link.

Note: The Circulation Services Guide consists of five separate Guides:

  • AV Service Counter
  • Circulation Services
  • KPU Cards
  • Papercut
  • Payments and Refunds
  1. Enter the standard password if required.
  2. If there is a lot of information on the page, it may not be readily apparent where your search term is on the page.  If that is the case you can search the contents of the page by:
    • Click on Edit on the browser toolbar.
    • Click on Find.
    • Enter your search term and press Enter.
  3. If the link you have chosen does not give you the information you want, you can click on the back arrow until you get back to your search results screen and then click on a different link.

If you conduct a search using a term that you think should have given you results:

  1. Try and think of another term for the same topic.
  2. Ask a colleague what term they would use to search for the same information.
  3. Let Debbie or Ruth know what search term you were using.  The likelihood is that if you are searching by a term so are others.
    • A tag can be added to the manual that would include your search term.
    • Adding these tags will make searching the manual easier for everyone.

Hyperlinks in the Manual

What will happen when you click on a link?

Throughout the manual there are links to other pages/information that may be helpful to you while working through a procedure. These links appear as blue text and, when you hover over them, they will show as underlined.

In most cases, when you click on a link a second tab will open in your browser.  This will allow you to have both tabs open and to move back and forth between the two tabs.

For example: