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Papercut: Job Denied Message

Job Denied

The following paper sizes available.

8 1/2 x11 - letter

8 1/2 x14 - legal

11 x 14 - ledger

The message Job Denied appears in the bottom right of the screen and on the papercut queue, if a patron selects a paper size that we don't have.

When the patron taps their card at the printer, the job won't show up on the Print queue.

Atrium printers at Surrey currently have only letter 8 ½ x 11 paper.

 If you select ledger or legal size paper, you  must tap and release the job from one of the printers in the copyroom where  legal, ledger and letter size paper is available.


If you do try to release from the Atrium printer which has only letter 8/12 x 11 paper:

  • The Job will not  print  (but there is no message on the screen saying why)
  • A Message in papercut account displays job denied
  • Your papercut account won' be charged
  • You will need to resend your job and go to the printers in copyroom to tap and release the job.


This is because there is only one print queue and you can pick up from any printer so the system cannot deny because the paper sizes are available but just not on the atrium printers