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Papercut: Refunding Copy or Print Jobs

Refunding Copy or Print Jobs

If on a Library Public copier/printer, a job does not go through or there is a problem with the results (e.g. toner smudges, wrinkled paper) and the patron has been charged, then the Library has the ability to refund their Papercut account.

Note: If a patron reports an issue with print/copy jobs printed outside of the Library, they will need to contact the IT Helpdesk to request a refund.

In Papercut Admin:

  1. In the Quick Find field tap the patron's card or
    • For students type in their Student number and press Enter.
    • For employees type their first name/last name, a list of all employees with that name will come up, click on the appropriate user name account e.g. rmullane and then click on Go or press Enter.
  1. On the menu under User Details: [name] click on Job Log.
  2. Click Refund in the Status column for the appropriate job.

Note: If only refunding a portion of the print job, change the refund amount accordingly.

Note: If the Job is not listed, see Viewing Past Transaction History.

  1. In the Comment field enter the reason for the refund.
  2. Click on OK.
  3. Click on Users on the top menu to get back to the main menu.
  4. Click on the x next to the Quick Find field to clear the previous search entry.

Viewing Past Transaction History

The Job Log History in Papercut Admin may have an automatic filter applied which will limit the number/date of transactions displayed.

If you need to go further back in the patron's Job Log History:

  1. Go to Papercut Admin.
  2. Tap the Student's card or type their student number in the Quick Find field.
  3. On the menu under User Details: [name] click on Job Log.
  4. Click on Filter On.
  5. Click on Clear to see the person's entire job history.
  6. To see only a specific range:
    • Click on Apply Filter.
    • Use the calendar gadget to set the Between dates fields.