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Papercut: Cancelling Outstanding Guest Print Jobs

Canceling Outstanding Print Jobs

When a Guest Print Card is returned to the Service Counter:

  1. Click on the Cancel Guest Print Jobs icon on the desktop.
  2. Enter the Guest Username (e.g. SGUEST01) and password used to login to the guest station and press enter.
  3. Check to see if there are unprinted print jobs listed.
  4. Jobs left unprinted need to be deleted from Guest Print cards:
    • So that the next person using a Guest Print card isn't charged for print jobs from the previous user.
    • To protect privacy

If there are unprinted print jobs:

  1. Click on Cancel All.
  2. Click on OK to confirm.
  3. Click on Log Out in the left hand column.
  4. Close the window.

For auto login stations, the password for guest stations also works to cancel print jobs.