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Papercut: Student Not In Papercut

New Student Record not in PaperCut

It can take up to 2 days for a new student's record to be added to Papercut.  If they are not in Papercut but are in Workflows, OneCard and/or Banner with a Student record:

  1. Go ahead and make their card.
  2. Let the student know their record has not yet been loaded into Papercut and therefore they will not be able to print or copy yet.

Note: In the interim they can login to the Guest stations and use the Guest Print cards.

  1. Ask them to come back in a few days to have their card linked to Papercut.
  2. If they are still not in Papercut, refer them to IT.

Student has Expired

If a Student has expired their record will not come up in Papercut but if there is a balance on their account it will remain in their account until it is used or paid out.

If they believe they have a balance and they would like that balance refunded from their Papercut account:

  1. Refer the Student to the IT Helpdesk.
  2. The IT Helpdesk will:
    • Confirm if there is a balance left on the account.
    • If there is a balance left, IT will temporarily reinstate the Student's Papercut account. 
  3. If there is a balance to be refunded, once IT has temporarily reinstated the Student's Papercut account, the Student must immediately come to the Service Counter in order to have the funds paid out

Note: Paying out the balance is the only option. The student cannot print using these funds while their account is temporarily reinstated and the student cannot transfer the funds from their Student account to a Guest account.