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Papercut: Door Access

KPU Card Door Access

Whose KPU Cards May Include Door Access?

  • Employees
  • Design students for access to the Wilson School of Design Building
  • Students in specific courses who need access to particular rooms or buildings

All others do not get door access with their KPU Card.


I'm one of the people listed above, why doesn't my KPU Card open doors?

For one of the people listed above to have door access via their KPU Card:

  • the card must be linked in PaperCut
  • the KPU Card was issued at least the day before (the load to update door access happens overnight)

if the patron does not have the door access to which they are entitled, check to make sure the person's card is linked in Papercut.

  1. Login to Papercut Admin.
  2. In the Quick Find field, enter the student number or if an employee enter the user id e.g. rmullane and press Enter.
    • To search by name type the student's first name/last name and a list of all the people in Papercut with that name will come up,  press Enter.
    • Click on the appropriate name in the list.
  3. In the User Details window, check to make sure the correct record has come up.
  4. Scroll down to the Card/Identity Number section.
  5. Check that there is a tap code recorded in the Secondary field.
    • No tap code? Tap the card on the Wave ID reader.
    • If there is already a tap code listed in this field:
      • Make note of the code in this field e.g. Use Snipping Tool, Print Screen, or copy and paste into a Wordpad file.
      • Tap the card that the patron has in hand on the Wave ID reader.
      • Repeat steps 2-4 and compare the current tap code to the previous tap code.
  6. If the tap code was missing or if the tap code in Papercut was different from the card in hand, let the patron know that their record has been updated and the granting of door access to the card will take place overnight.
  7. If the code on the card and in Papercut were the same and the card was issued before today:
    • Employees: Tell the person to ask their Dean to contact Mark Bayrock.  As the Manager of Security Systems, Mark can grant door access. 
    • Design Students: Tell them to contact
    • Other Students: Tell them to contact their instructor, the instructor may need to contact Mark Bayrock.
  8. If there is an immediate need for door access the person can contact Security to let them in.

NOTE:  The Library card issuance process does not control/include the assignment of door access, so issuing a new card will not resolve the issue.