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Papercut: KPU Card Not Working

KPU Card Not Working with Papercut

Reasons why a person's KPU card may not be working for printing/copying or Fitness Centre access:

  1. The card was not properly linked in Papercut:
    • Follow the steps for assigning a card in Papercut; Students,  Employees
    • If the card still does not work, issue a replacement card
    • If the card still doesn't work, ask the person to contact IT directly
  2. They may no longer be a valid employee or student:
    • Check expiry date in Banner.
  3. For an employee, they may only have a Personal account in Papercut and not a Departmental account.
  4. The card was linked in PaperCut today.
    • Information is loaded overnight into the data base for door access
    • KPU Cards will not work for door access until the day after the card is added to PaperCut