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Papercut: Associated with KPU


A Banner ID or username is required to access Papercut for printing and copying.

Associated with KPU

If someone is associated with KPU (e.g. visiting scholars) but they are not directly hired by KPU,  then they may not have been issued a Banner ID or username.

If this person requires departmental printing/copying access and they do not have a Banner ID or username, or only have a personal Papercut account, their Administrator can request access via  Our Kwantlen/Services/Human Resources/Employee Support Services/Employee Resources/Quick Links/Workflow for External Account Requests (non-employees)

If the Administrator or department does not have access to Our Kwantlen, they can contact Christa Kantola in Human Resources about initiating an External Account Request.


If a someone with Community Borrower privileges  (e.g. a Community Borrower, Alumni, etc) needs to print or copy, they will need to use one of the generic cards available at the Service Counter.

Linking a Card for those Associated with KPU

If the Non-Employee or Non-Student has been issued a Banner ID and they can be found in Papercut then their card can be linked in Papercut.

If they cannot be found in Papercut, and require printing and copying privileges, they will need to request Papercut access.

In Papercut Admin:

  1. In the Quick Find field type in the affiliate's Banner ID and  press Enter.
  2. If the person does not know their banner ID you can search by name.
  • Type the person's first name/last name and a list of all the people with that name will come up,  press Enter.
  • Click on the appropriate name in the list.
  1. In the User Details window, check to make sure the correct employee record has come up.
  2. Ensure that the Print account selection field reads Automatically charge to a single account and that the Charge to account field includes a departmental code.

Note: See Papercut/Troubleshooting if the Print account selection field reads Automatically charge to a personal account.

  1. Scroll down to the Card/Identity Number section.
  2. Place the cursor in the Secondary field.
  3. Tap the card on the Wave ID reader. The card is automatically linked and is ready for use.
  4. Click on the x next to the Quick Find field to remove the previous search.
  5. Link card in Workflows unless they are KSA or KPIRG employee/board members who are currently registered.  .