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Search Tools for Canadian Government Information

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Then try these tools:

TIP: Some federal departments have their own search tools to locate their publications. Check the tabs above.

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) publishes several different series of research reports and summaries.

To search all of these research collections at once, use the Publications Canada Advanced Search tool, and enter your search as shown in the screenshot below.

Publications Canada Advanced Search URL link

Publications Canada Advanced Search screen. Put your search keyword(s) in the Title box and then enter the word RESEARCH in the Series Title box, and put CORRECTIONAL SERVICE in the Department/Agency box

BC Government

Other sites

Evaluating web sources

Try out this handy step-by-step tool to evaluate a website:

VIDEO: Evaluating Sources (3:37)

A brief discussion of evaluating sources for bias and objectivity. Accompanies Module 4 in the KPU Library's Doing Research Tutorial.

  • Video (YouTube)
  • Video (Kaltura)
  • Video transcript (text file)
  • APA citation for this video:
    North Carolina State University Libraries. (2015). Evaluating sources for credibility [Video file]. Retrieved from