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CRIM 1208: Research Methods

Pre-Class Question

Click on each link to see a summary of the article and answer the question below. Choose only one answer, and only click 'submit' ONCE.
Which of these items is a peer-reviewed, research-based journal article?
Article 1: 8 votes (22.22%)
Article 2: 1 votes (2.78%)
Article 3: 20 votes (55.56%)
all: 6 votes (16.67%)
none: 0 votes (0%)
don't know: 1 votes (2.78%)
Total Votes: 36

Welcome to the library research guide for CRIM 1208 students!

The guide is designed to help you use library resources to:

  • develop a focused research question
  • find relevant original research articles
  • locate criminal justice data published by government agencies
  • write literature reviews, and
  • cite your sources in APA style.

Use the menu on the left to navigate between sections of the guide.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! There are lots of ways to get help from a KPU librarian:

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