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Library Resources to Support Teaching and Learning

Welcome to KPUs Teaching and Learning Collection

Resources to Support Teaching and Learning at KPU

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Collection at KPU LIbrary. This guide is intended to provide access to many resources available to KPU educators in support of their professional development.

Please contact Leeann Waddington (TLC) or Celia Brinkerhoff (Library) with your suggestions for additional resources, as well as feedback.

Highlights from the Collection

Overcoming Student Learning Bottlenecks

Decoding the Disciplines is a widely-used and proven methodology that prompts teachers to identify the bottlenecks - the places where students get stuck - that impede learners' paths to expert thinking in a discipline. The process is based on recognizing the gap between novice learning and expert thinking, and uncovering tacit knowledge that may not be made manifest in teaching...see more.

Teaching Interculturally

How can I simultaneously support students' critical engagement with course content and develop their intercultural awareness? Most faculty have multiple diversities present in any given classroom or academic program and are concerned about how to maintain a rigorous curriculum and ensure that all their students succeed, given disparate backgrounds and varying degrees of prior knowledge...see more.

Why They Can't Write

There seems to be widespread agreement that--when it comes to the writing skills of college students--we are in the midst of a crisis. In Why They Can't Write, John Warner, who taught writing at the college level for two decades, argues that the problem isn't caused by a lack of rigor, or smartphones, or some generational character defect. Instead, he asserts, we're teaching writing wrong...see more.

Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This is a book for anyone who has ever considered engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning - known familiarly as SoTL - and needs a better understanding of what it is, and how to engage in it. The authors describe how to create a SoTL project...see more.

Power and Privilege in the Learning Sciences

Power and Privilege in the Learning Sciences: Critical and Sociocultural Theories of Learning addresses the ways in which research on human learning can acknowledge the influence of differential access to power on the organization of learning in particular settings...see more.