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Library Resources to Support Teaching and Learning

Welcome to KPUs Teaching and Learning Collection

Resources to Support Teaching and Learning at KPU

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Collection at KPU LIbrary. This guide is intended to provide access to many resources available to KPU educators in support of their professional development.

Please contact Leeann Waddington (TLC) or Celia Brinkerhoff (Library) with your suggestions for additional resources, as well as feedback.

Highlights from the Collection

UDL: Moving from Exploration to Integration

This is the first book to consider scaled-up implementation of Universal Design for Learning in schools, districts, and even states. In this collections of case stories, veteran educators and administrators share their stories, tips, and lessons learned from implementing UDL in a variety of settings...see more.

99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos

The research is clear: online learning works best when faculty build regular, positive, and interactive relationships with students. A strategy that helps forge such a relationship is the use of videos. Student satisfaction and course engagement levels also increase with the use of instructor-generated videos -the subject of this book...see more.

Interculturality in Education

This book explores the decades-long use of the notion of interculturality in education and other fields, arguing that it is now time to move beyond certain assumptions towards a richer and more realistic understanding of the 'intercultural'. Many concepts such as culture, identity and intercultural competence are discussed and revised. Myths about interculturality are also unpacked and dispelled...see more.

Experiential Education in the College Context

Experiential Education in the College Context provides college and university faculty with pedagogical approaches that engage students and support high-impact learning. Organized around four essential categories--active learning, integrated learning, project-based learning, and community-based learning--this resource offers examples from across disciplines to illustrate principles and best practices...see more.

E-Learning Ecologies

e-Learning Ecologies explores transformations in the patterns of pedagogy that accompany e-learning--the use of computing devices that mediate or supplement the relationships between learners and teachers--to present and assess learnable content, to provide spaces where students do their work, and to mediate peer-to-peer interactions...see more.