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Library Resources to Support Teaching and Learning

Welcome to KPUs Teaching and Learning Collection

Resources to Support Teaching and Learning at KPU

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Collection at KPU LIbrary. This guide is intended to provide access to many resources available to KPU educators in support of their professional development.

Please contact Leeann Waddington (TLC) or Celia Brinkerhoff (Library) with your suggestions for additional resources, as well as feedback.

Highlights from the Collection

Radical Hope

Higher education has seen better days. Harsh budget cuts, the precarious nature of employment in college teaching, and political hostility to the entire enterprise of education have made for an increasingly fraught landscape. Radical Hope is an ambitious response to this state of affairs, at once political and practical...see more.

Design Justice

An exploration of how design might be led by marginalized communities, dismantle structural inequality, and advance collective liberation and ecological survival. What is the relationship between design, power, and social justice?...see more.

On Decoloniality

In On Decoloniality Walter D. Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh explore the hidden forces of the colonial matrix of power, its origination, transformation, and current presence, while asking the crucial questions of decoloniality's how, what, why, with whom, and what for....see more.

Race, Politicis, and Pandemic Pedagogy

Henry A. Giroux passionately argues that education and critical pedagogy are needed now more than ever to combat injustices in our society caused by fake news, toxic masculinity, racism, consumerism and white nationalism...see more.

Hybrid Teaching

Gathering the voices of over two dozen progressive educators, this volume combines perspectives from across academia and around the globe. The authors in this book use critical digital pedagogy as a guide for navigating today's turbulent global political climate...see more.