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Library Catalogue Search

Use the KPU Library Catalogue to search for books, e-books, videos and DVD's. It has better search options for finding these types of resources than the Summon Search tool.


Note: The library catalogue does not search for articles from journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. To find those, please use either Summon or one of the library's research databases.

VIDEO: Finding E-books (6:00)

Shows how to use Summon, the library catalogue, and individual e-book databases to locate e-books in the KPU Library's collection.

  • Video (YouTube)
  • Video (Kaltura)
  • Video transcript (text file)
  • E-book databases

    Some popular e-book collections at KPU Library

    List of all e-book databases available through KPU Library


    Caution: You will often see a preview of selected pages in Google Books but you will not usually see the whole book.

    Check the KPU Library catalogue to see if we have the book. If not, you can place an interlibrary loan request and we will try to borrow a copy for you from another library, at no charge.

    Use the power of call numbers to find useful items on the shelf!

    Call numbers are the letters and numbers that libraries use to organize books and other items on the shelf. Each item has a label attached to its 'spine' or side showing the call number. The call numbers are designed to group items on similar topics together. Once you find one good item, look for others on the shelves nearby.

    Note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, our book stacks are closed and you will not be able to browse the shelves in person. You can still "browse the shelves" by call number virtually, through the library catalogue, and place holds on books. Our staff will retrieve them for you to pick up at the campus of your choice.

    Most criminology materials have call numbers starting with the letters HV. Here's a more detailed breakdown to help you zero in on specific areas:

    Call number ranges in Criminology
    Call number range Subject area
    HV 4997-5840 Substance Abuse
    HV 6001-6030 Criminology (general)
    HV 6035-6079 Criminal anthropology
    HV 6080-6113 Criminal psychology (see also W 740)
    HV 6115-6118 Causes of crime
    HV 6121-6143 Crime & heredity (biological)
    HV 6150-6249 Crime - environment
    HV 6250 Victims of crime
    HV 6251-7220 Crimes & offenses
    HV 7231-9960 Criminal justice administration
          HV 8688 Restorative justice
          HV 8694-8699 Capital punishment
          HV 9069-9108 Youth crime
          HV 9507 Corrections


    Call numbers in disciplines related to Criminology
    Call number range Subject area
    K section Law
    GN 69.8 Forensic anthropology
    W 740 Forensic psychology
    WM 600 Psychology of group aggression
    WS 350 Psychopathology


    Searching for books at other libraries

    Two excellent tools for searching other library collections:

    1. Illume (formerly called Outlook Online):
    • searches most BC postsecondary and public libraries
    Search BC libraries with Illume Catalogue:


    Note: You can also search individual local and Canadian library catalogues.

    2. WorldCat:
    • searches thousands of libraries around the world
    Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

    Getting books from other libraries

    If KPU Library does not have a book that would like to borrow, you have two options:


    Option 1: Let us borrow the book for you with our Interlibrary Loan service


    Note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, some libraries are not lending items through interlibrary loan.

    • Fill out an interlibrary loan (ILL) request form, and we will search for the book at other Canadian libraries.
    • Allow 2 weeks for delivery to the KPU campus library of your choice.
    • Note: Loan periods for ILL books are generally much shorter that KPU Library's.
    • There is no charge to you for this service.


    Option 2: Borrow it from another library yourself


    Note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, check first whether the other library is open.

    • From a public library:
      • Public libraries in the Metro Vancouver area will issue free library cards to residents of the region.
    • From a postsecondary library:
      • As a KPU student, employee or faculty member, you can also get a free card for most other Canadian university and college libraries so that you can borrow books for yourself.
      • Before you go: See our guide on Borrowing Material from Other Academic Institutions for more details. You will need to get a special pass from the KPU Library in order to register for a free card at another postsecondary library.

    Click here to find recently-received CRIM books in the KPU Library's collection. These books (and e-books) were selected for the collection.

    We also receive many e-books through large e-book packages which will not show up in the list above, but which you can find listed in the library catalogue.