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This guide lists key sources of information for criminology which are available for Kwantlen Library users.

gavel clipartIf you are doing legal research, please see our subject guide for Law.

First steps

Summon Search

Use the KPU Library's search tool called Summon to look for different types of sources in the library's collection, all at once.



KPU Library's Doing Research Tutorial Doing Research: A Student's Guide to Finding and Using the Best Sources

For a great introduction to doing library research, check out this KPU Library tutorial. The four modules use short videos and practice activities to help you:

  • Get Started on your Research
  • Recognize Types of Information
  • Develop your Search Strategy
  • Evaluate your Sources

To open the tutorial:

Note: Both will open in a new tab

Do some "pre-search" on your topic

Explore current or controversial topics
Learn more in these scholarly encyclopedias

Credo Logo

Use this box to search hundreds of full-text dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more related to Criminology and Law. This is just part of the full Credo Reference database.


VIDEO: Developing a Research Question (6:25)

This video walks you through five steps for narrowing a broad topic to a more-focused research question which will guide your research and writing.

Laurier Library. (2017, December 20). Developing a research question [Video]. Youtube.

  • Video transcript (Word file)
  • WORKSHEET: Research Question Worksheet: practice applying the video's tips to your topic

    VIDEO: From Question to Keywords (1:41)

    Short video helps you pick the keywords in your research question that will get the best results in a library research database.

    Credit: Lloyd Sealy Library at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY).

    Practice it yourself!

    Types of info sources

    Types of library search tools