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ZTC Ready (Embedding Library Resources in Moodle)

Creating links to Journal Titles

Creating a link to a journal title page allows students to browse entire issues that the library has access to in full text.

Follow these steps:

  1. Using the Journal Titles link on the Library web page, determine which database your journal is found in.
  2. From the list of databases, carefully look at the coverage to find the database that offers the most complete coverage.
  3. Select your preferred database link.
  4. You should end up at the title page for your publication within the database. From here, it depends on which vendor operates the database as to how you build the link.
    • For Ebsco products:
      • NEW INTERFACE: directions coming at the end of April 2024.
      • CURRENT INTERFACE: from the journal title page, look for the Share link at the top right. The Permalink will be displayed near the bottom and you can copy and paste it into your Moodle site. Ebsco imbeds our proxy server so your link is now complete.
    • For Proquest products, look for the Publications link near the top of the screen. Search for your title and copy the URL from the Address bar. Important: you need to add our proxy server address to the beginning of your established publication link in order to allow off site access. Our proxy address is
    • For any vendors not listed here, please contact Caroline
      Phone: 604.599.3036


For more information on including Library resources in your Moodle or online course sites, contact Caroline Daniels at 3036, or by email.