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Search Widgets


What is a Search Box Widget?

Many systems and database allow users to  “cut and paste” code which can be added to a webpage, a Libguide, or a Moodle site, creating a search box targeting that resource.

The systems where there is a search widget avialabe to you are found on the left navigation screen. Click each tab to see the code and an example of the final product.

Why would I include this on a course page?

If your course involves some type of research assignment, you can recommend and direct students to one or more databases relevant to their topic. The search box widgets bring the databases to “where the students” are, rather than having to negotiate through the library’s pages.

Please note: These search boxes work well in Moodle.

How can I set them up?

1. Choose the database(s)
2. Identify the vendor(s)
3. Customize your targets to create your own code
4. Include the library’s proxy server information
5. Cut and paste the code into your course page