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ZTC Ready (Embedding Library Resources in Moodle)

KPU OER Guides

Our OER guide will help you find open resources by topic, format, locally, internationally ....

Linking to Full Text Articles or Using Open resources - what's the difference?

For the purpose of the Zed Cred, from the student point of view, they should not hit a pay wall with either an open or a licensed resource. Most of the resources described in this guides are not considered 'open'. They are licensed from a vendor, and there are specific instructions on how they can be used (cannot be changed, must be proxied to ensure use by KPU students).

**A licensed resource will require the student to login using their KPU id if they are off campus and will not ask them to pay to access.**

**An open resource should not require a login. A truly 'open' resource should adhere to the 5 R's:

the right to make, own, and control copies of the content

the right to use the content in a wide range of ways (e.g., in a class, in a study group, on a website, in a video)

the right to adapt, adjust, modify, or alter the content itself (e.g., translate the content into another language)

the right to combine the original or revised content with other open content to create something new (e.g., incorporate the content into a mashup)

the right to share copies of the original content, your revisions, or your remixes with others (e.g., give a copy of the content to a friend)

David Wiley, CC, Marchy 2014,