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ZTC Ready (Embedding Library Resources in Moodle)

Linking to Subject Searches in Ebsco Databases

  1. Connect to your database from and conduct your search.
  2. From the search result screen, look to the right of the screen for Share button.
  3. Copy the Permalink that pops up when you choose the share link - it will be near the bottom of the pop up window.
  4. This URL will link to the subject search that you just performed. If more records are added by the publisher that fits your search, they will automatically become part of your result list when you perform the search.

**Ebsco includes our proxy information in the persistent link. When students access this URL from off campus, they will be taken to a screen requesting their Kwantlen Student ID number. Note that users only have to pass this authentication once for every browser session. That is, once they have logged on, this screen will not appear again for any subsequent access to database articles unless they close their browser and restart it again.**


From the Business Source Complete database, this links to a subject search on Social Media and Marketing, limited to scholarly journals:

Social Media Marketing, scholarly journals, from Business Source Complete

Linking to Subject Searches in Proquest Databases

  1. Connect to your database from
  2. Perform your search.
  3. Select the Save/Search/Alert near to the top right of the screen.
  4. Select Get Search Link in the drop down.
  5. The search string should appear with a 'copy link to clipboard' option. You can now copy and paste the search string into your Moodle or course web site.


Using the Criminal Justice Periodicals Index, this links to a search for 'natural justice'. The subject search is 'live' meaning as articles are added to the database on this topic, they will be reflected in the saved search.These searches need to be recreated every few years so make sure to check your links each semester.

Natural Justice