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ZTC Ready (Embedding Library Resources in Moodle)

Accessing Articles from off Campus locations

You can access our research databases from home if you are a Kwantlen student or employee.

  • Here is the login information you will need to use to access these online resources:
    • Students:
      username = student number
      password = same password used to register for classes online
    • Employees:
      username = assigned short name that you use to login to office computer
      password = same password used to login to office computers or access HR self services
  • You must have 'Cookies' enabled on your browser. This will ensure that the system will recognize you after you enter your barcode just once despite how many databases you use during your browser session.

Help with Your Moodle Site

Librarians are here to help. If you require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Caroline, the Moodle/OER Librarian!

  • By phone at 604.599.3036
  • By Email at Schedule an appointment and I'll come to your office and work with you directly on your Moodle site.
  • Custom created links - found the article you want but not sure how to proceed? Email it to and a customized course ready link will be emailed back to you.

Proxy Servers - What They are and Why We Need One

Most of our electronic resources are governed by license agreements which restrict use to Kwantlen Polytechnic University students and employees and to individuals who use library facilities on a walk in basis. In order to ensure that a user is a Kwantlen student or employee, we use a proxy server which prompts the user to enter their unique Kwantlen ID and password. If the ID that is entered is not recognized, the user will not gain access to the resource.

You should not save PDF files of articles and upload them to your Moodle site. Instead, use the linking instructions set out on this guide to create permalinks that automatically direct students to access the resources through our proxy server.

The Kwantlen library uses eZproxy as our proxy server.

  • Our proxy server address is
  • Some of our vendors (Ebsco, Proquest) automatically add this proxy address at the front of every link you create so you don't need to do anything more. If you find you've created a stable link from a database, but it gives you an error message, check to see if the proxy address is at the front of the link. If not, you may need to add it.

Things might sound complicated, but with a little help, it can be quite easy! Contact if you require any clarification.

***Always test your links from off campus***

Limitations of Library Resources on Moodle Sites

Most of our databases allow for their resources to be put on course sites. Most publishers call this e-reserve or course packs. If you want to know for sure whether you can provide a link to an article, look closely at the description page for the database that article came from. You can find the description pages by searching our list of research databases.

You can also follow up to date copyright news at our Copyright Guide.

Troubleshooting Tips for Off Campus Use

Things to check when you cannot access the article indexes

  • Ensure you are using the correct username which should be your 9 digit student/employee number
  • Verify your password -  it should be the same one you use to register for classes or for employees, for self service.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Check your browser settings to ensure you are able to accept cookies