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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary field grounded in the languages, histories, geographies, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples

Oral Histories

Oral History: Overview

Indigenous Oral Histories are significant sources of knowledge for Indigenous Peoples. Historically, Western society has not properly acknowledged Indigenous Oral Histories and as such these Histories have been devalued, stolen or appropriated. Oral Histories may include works that Westerners would label as folklore or myths. Elder Knowledge is a form of Oral Histories that Westerners would label as "personal communications". In Indigenous Communities all Oral Histories are authoritative sources and should be treated with care and respect. 

Oral History: Web Resources

  1. Raven Space - multimedia, peer reviewed, community reviewed, Elder Knowledge, Oral Histories, ebooks
  2. Four Directions Teachings - Elder Knowledge, Oral Histories
  3. Circle of Indigenous Languages - Stories shared by Elders and community members in their Indigenous language

Oral History: DVDs and Streaming

  1. The Myth of Aboriginal Stories Being Myth -11min - TEDx Talks Youtube
  2. Indigenous Storywork in Practice with Jo-ann Q'um Q'um Xiiem Archibald - 57min - DS68 Nanaimo Ladysmith Youtube

Please consult our citation and reference section for guidelines on citing Oral Histories.


Book cover: Jesintel : living wisdom from Coast Salish elders / Children of the Setting Sun Productions ; edited by Darrell Hillaire and Natasha Frey ; photographs by Fay
Book cover: A grandmother begins the story / Michelle Porter
Book cover:  During my time : Florence Edenshaw Davidson, a Haida woman / Margaret B. Blackman
Book cover: Indigenous storywork: educating the heart, mind, body, and spirit
Book cover: People of the land: legends of the four host First Nations
Book cover: Salish elders: portraits of elders of the Interior Salish of British Columbia, Canada
Book cover: The raven steals the light
Book cover: Salish myths and legends: one people's stories