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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary field grounded in the languages, histories, geographies, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples

Indigenous Community Justice

Indigenous Community Justice: Overview

KPU offers a unique Indigenous Community Justice Minor program. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who complete this Minor will gain necessary cultural and historical knowledge, attitudes, and skills to work respectfully and effectively with Indigenous peoples and communities in a wide variety of capacities, and to pursue further educational and professional opportunities specifically relating to Indigenous community justice. 

Indigenous Community Justice: Web Resources

  1. Criminal Justice System
  2. Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls


Indigenous Community Justice: DVDs, Streaming, and Podcasts

  1. Profound Lessons from Indigenous Law: John Borrows - 1h 8min - Films on Demand streaming


Book cover: Reckoning with restorative justice : Hawai'i women's prison writing / Leanne Trapedo Sims
Book cover: The colonial problem: an indigenous perspective on crime and injustice in Canada
Book cover: Strategies of justice : Aboriginal peoples, persistent injustice, and the ethics of political action
Book cover: From where I stand: rebuilding Indigenous Nations for a stronger Canada
Book cover: Restructuring relations : Indigenous self-determination, governance, and gender
Book cover: Canadian law and Indigenous self-determination : a naturalist analysis
Book cover: Reclaiming aboriginal justice, identity, and community
Book cover: Canada's Indigenous constitution
Book cover: A feather, not a gavel: working towards aboriginal justice