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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary field grounded in the languages, histories, geographies, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples

Land Treaties

Land Treaties: Overview

Treaties are formal agreements between nations. For Indigenous people living in Canada there are both historic and modern treaties. Most of the treaties outline land and resource distribution. Many Indigenous peoples feel that historic treaties have not been honoured. Part of reconciliation is to work towards a better understanding of treaties with Indigenous Nations living in what we now call Canada.

Land Treaty: Web Resources

  1. Native Land - select "treaties" 
  2. Treaties and the Treaty Relationship
  3. Land Claims Agreements Coalition
  4. Treaties and Agreements (Government of Canada)
  5. First Nations Treaty Process (Government of BC)
  6. Whose Land is it Anyway?
  7. Timelines and Maps  


Book cover: Flawed precedent : the St. Catherine's case and Aboriginal title
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Book cover: Let right be done: Aboriginal title, the Calder case, and the future of Indigenous rights
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