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This guide lists key sources of Canadian and international statistics, and some tools for working with statistics. 


Many other KPU library guides include statistics on specific topics. For example, the Criminology guide lists sources of crime statistics. These two guides may be of particular interest:

Key Sources

Here are a few major sources of statistics. Please see the tabs on the left of the guide for many more.

Search tools

Be sure to check the tabs on the left side of this page for tools to search for data on specific regions.

How-To Videos and Tutorials

Understanding Statistics - eBooks

An Introduction to Statistical Learning, with Applications in R (2nd ed.)

Free version of textbook published by SpringerLink.

Data Science Textbook

Free online textbook. Formerly called StatSoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook which was the online version of the comprehensive text by Hill and Lewicki called Statistics: Methods and Applications

Data Analysis

Open textbook