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About this page

This page lists sources of Canadian Census tables and microdata since the first Census in 1665 (before Canada even existed).

It also lists sources of Census publications such as profiles, reports and other reference materials.

Historical Census publications

Most historic Census publications have been digitized and are available through one of the sources listed below.

The Kwantlen Library also has printed copies of many older Census publications. Please search the library catalogue for specific items.

List of sources by Census year

Summarized tables from historical Censuses

If you want to view ready-made tables and charts ...

Access to raw data or spreadsheets from historical Censuses

If you want to create your own tables ...

Note: Searchable tables and microdata files are only available up to 1921 and from 1961 onward, due to confidentiality restrictions.

Sources are arranged here in Census date order, from oldest to most recent:

When was this Census question asked?

Historic Boundary Files