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Library Resources for Remote Delivery

Embedding library resources into your online course & Moodle site

KPU EBook Collections

KPU subscribes to numerous eBook packages. You can see them all here -

Here are instructions to provide direct links to titles from a few of the larger collections.

EBSCO Academic Ebook Collection

NEW INTERFACE (available starting March/April 2024): 

  1. Search the EBSCO Academic Ebook Collection using the new interface for your book title and click to open the book's page.
  2. Copy and paste the link from the address bar. Paste that link into your Moodle site. (There is no need to add any ezproxy details.)

Current interface:

  1. Search the EBSCO Academic Ebook Collection database for your book title and select the full record for the title.
  2. Look for the PERMALINK in the right hand column. Copy the Permalink into your Moodle site (link has proxy server embedded in it).

Canadian Publishers Collection

  1. Search the Canadian Publishers Collection for your book title and look for the "Share Link to Book" on the left side when you are in the full book record.
  2. Copy the link and add to your Moodle site. Add the proxy address for off site access to the beginning of the URL -

Ebook Central

  1. Search the Ebook Central database for your book title and select the full record for the title.
  2. Look for the 'Share Link to Book" on the left side to copy the link for your Moodle site. 

See examples of links to ebooks in our Library Moodle site at

Irwin Ebooks

  1. Go to the landing page for the book. Copy the link in the URL bar e.g.*/WW/sources/36601)
    Note: the URL’s for older and newer Irwin books look different, but the steps are the same.
  2. Replace the # symbol in the URL with %23
  3. Add this EZproxy prefix to the beginning of the URL: Note: this is NOT the same as the regular EZproxy prefix used for most other KPU databases. It includes the letter “q” in front of the “url=” part of the string.
    Sample stable link that will work off-campus:*/WW/sources/36601


Ebook Collections

Interdisciplinary Collections:

Reference (Background Information) Collections:

Subject Specific Collections:

Considering an E-book for your Course Textbook?

If you are considering using a library ebook as a course textbook to provide shared access for your students, please consider the following:

  • Different publisher and aggregator platforms have different restrictions about the number of simultaneous users, the amount of printing and downloading allowed, etc. 
  • If the ebook is part of an aggregated package, it can be removed by the publisher at any time without notice. This does not happen often, but it has happened in the past.  

Please contact Jen Adams ( to enquire about the specific title you are interested in.  For more information about using open textbooks, please see the Library's open textbooks information page.

Linking to the Catalogue

Perhaps you prefer that students search the catalogue independently for material. If that's the case, simply supply a link to the catalogue by following these steps:

  1. Select the text in your Moodle site that you would like linked to the catalogue.
  2. Click on the Link icon from within the Moodle editor bar
  3. Enter the following code in the URL section: and hit save.

Your students will be taken to the front search screen of our Library catalogue to perform their own research.

Linking to Print Records in the Catalogue

  1. Locate your item by searching the library catalogue.
  2. Look at the Detail display of the record.
  3. Locate the orange Permalink button on the right and select it.
  4. Copy the URL from the pop up box that results.

Remember to replace the long permalink with the title of the book.

Example of a permanent link to a book record:

Using a permalink will give your students the current status of the book (ie. whether it is on the shelves or checked out to a user).

See what it looks like in a Moodle site (login as a guest)