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Library Resources for Remote Delivery

Embedding library resources into your online course & Moodle site

Identifying KPU Resources in Google Search Results

It is possible to identify Kwantlen resources within a Google Scholar result search!

Method 1: (preferred)

  1. Use the 'made in Kwantlen' Google Scholar link -
  2. Once you've embedded that link, you will automatically be alerted by the "Where Can I Get This" prompt which allows you to click through to the full text of the article within the Kwantlen collection.
  3. The screen shot below is a Google Scholar search using the search terms 'burnout psyciatric nursing'. By clicking through on the Where Can I Get This links below, your students will be taken to the full text in a database license by the Library.



Method 2:

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Click on the Settings gearbox icon (top-right)
  3. Click on Library Links (left-side of screen)
  4. Enter Kwantlen into the search box that says "Show library access links for ..."
  5. Click in the checkbox next to "Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Where can I get this?" (if it isn't already checked off)
  6. Save your settings