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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

Course and Badge Info

Course requirements: You will need to read the first four modules of the Academic Integrity Pressbook and do the related exercises (modules 5-7 are optional, but may be assigned to you by your instructor; see info below). You will then need to complete 4 Module Quizzes in Moodle and check and submit an Academic Integrity Declaration. 


Click here to enroll in the Academic Integrity Moodle Course


Step 1: Enrol in the Academic Integrity Moodle course 

Step 2: Read the first module and do all the exercises in the Academic Integrity Pressbook  (there is a link to the book in the Moodle course as well) and then do Quiz One in Moodle

Step 3: Continue reading modules 2-4 and do the corresponding quizzes in Moodle after having finished each module. Go back to the Academic Integrity Pressbook if you get stuck on a question

Step 4: Read the Academic Integrity Declaration, check off the statements you agree with and submit it


If you have achieved the FULL 10/10 (=100%) on each of the four quizzes and submitted the declaration, you will be awarded a digital badge that will be displayed on your Moodle profile. The badge serves as proof of completion and is valid for two years. Most of the time you will not be required to repeat the modules and quizzes in other classes during that time (although this is at the discretion of your instructor). 


This is what your digital badge will look like:




What if I do not complete a module quiz successfully? You can redo each quiz as many times as you need to get the required percentage to pass. 

What if my badge doesn't show in Moodle? Please note that it may take up to 20 minutes for the badge to be displayed. If it does not display within that time, it may be hidden. Follow these instructions to unhide it. 


Summer 2022 instructions for viewing student badges


How do I submit proof of completion? As of summer 2022, your regular courses are on a new Moodle site (, while THIS COURSE is on a different Moodle site ( The badge therefore cannot be automatically seen by your instructor.

You will need to submit a screenshot of your profile page in the Moodle site where you took the Academic Integrity tutorial ( It should clearly show your name, email, and the badge. Use these instructions on how to submit the screenshot unless your instructor tells you differently. 


Here is an example of how your screenshot should look like: 



What if there is a glitch with the badge and my instructor wants proof that I have successfully done the quizzes and submitted the declaration? In this case, please contact us using our email form on this site: AskUs


What if my instructor assigns one of the optional modules (modules 5-7; APA, MLA, or Chicago Style) and wants proof that I did the module? As these modules are not a graded part of the Moodle course, they don't have a quiz associated with them. Your instructor may ask you to take a screenshot of the last slide of one or more of the interactive exercises once you completed them, as the last slide shows how many points you got. Here is an example of the last slide of the APA article citation exercise: 




Technical requirements: Academic Integrity to which you will also see a link from within the Moodle course, should be viewable on all devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones with a variety of different browsers. However, we discourage the use of Internet Explorer as it is not supported by Microsoft anymore. 

How do I access the course? You will need to enroll in the "Academic Integrity" course in Moodle. To do so, click on the link above or below and log in with your student ID and password. It will then ask you to enroll.



Click here to enroll in the Academic Integrity Moodle Course