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Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Asian Studies @ KPU

Hello, Asian Studies students! I hope that you will find the information on this guide helpful. If you need help with your assignments please contact me directly: Sigrid Kargut; or use one of our other research services: Ask Us

You'll also find lots of information on the Asian Studies departmental website.

Summon searches almost all print and online resources in the Library collection. Learn how to refine your searches by watching this short video.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Asian Studies program, you may also find these other subject guides to be of use:


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Finding Books

Search Summon for eBooks only

Search our Library Catalogue for books & films

Take a look at the New Asian Studies  book list

Search Summon for eBooks only

When you are looking for books in the Library, here's where you'll find these topics:

BL 2000-2032   Religions of India
DS 1-937   History of Asia
DS 401-486.8   History of India
DS 701-799.9   History of China
DS 801-897   History of Japan
DS 901-937   History of Korea
GN 625-635   Anthropology of Asia
JQ 1499-1749   Political Institutions and Public Administration East Asia (including China, Japan, Korea)
PK 2631-2646   Panjabi Language
PK 2650-2665   Panjabi Literature
PL 501-699   Japanese Language
PL 700-889   Japanese Literature
PL 1001-1960   Chinese Language 
PL 2250-3208   Chinese Literature
PL 3301-3311   Non-Chinese Languages of China

Call numbers are like a book's address - they help you locate items in the library. You will always find related books shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.

Your Kwantlen library  - like most academic libraries worldwide - uses an alpha-numeric (letter and number) system to arrange books on the shelf.

Locating a book is a progressive process: for example, to find a book with the call number DC256 B4613 1966 follow these steps.

DC first find the call numbers starting with D: following that will be DA, DB, DC etc

   256 now start looking for the number, starting with 1 and working your way up to 256

      B  → now start looking for the next letter, starting with A, B, C, etc.

         4613 → now start looking for the next number, starting with 1 and working your way up to 4,613

            1966  → the year the book was published


The Location: This will tell you which campus has the item, or if it is available full text online. Most items can be transferred to another campus through the "Place Hold"  link.


Reference books and circulating books are shelved separately. In the Surrey library reference books are on the ground floor and circulating books are on the second floor.

Library Catalogue Search Tips