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Medieval History

Finding articles

Search for articles on the medieval period in these databases:

Summon is an interface that allows access to all library material at once - books, articles, DVDs, streaming video, etc. However, it can be overwhelming! Try using these tips when you search for articles using Summon:

  • Choose your search terms wisely and adjust them according to your results. If you search too broadly ("Great Britain -  history"), you will get so many results you won't be able to select the most useful ones. Try to be reasonably succinct and specific ("Battle of Waterloo"). However, if you're too specific you won't get any results.
  • Once you've entered your search terms and gotten a list of results, check the "Full Text Online" and "Scholarly & Peer-Review Articles" boxes on the left hand bar.
  • You may also want to narrow your results by checking one of the topics under "Subject Terms". (Click on "more" to see the whole list.) The number in brackets following the term tells you how many articles are listed under that topic.
  • Remember that the list of results is sorted by relevance. In computer terms, what this refers to is the number of times the words you typed in appear in the document. While it isn't a direct correlation, usually the best results will be found in the first few pages of results.
  •  If you're still not finding the right articles for your research, don't hesitate to ask a librarian - we're here to help!

When conducting research it is important to distinguish between scholarly and popular sources. Journal articles are typically referred to as "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" while magazine articles are usually considered "popular" or "sensational". Always know which type is acceptable for your research.

Not sure if a journal article is scholarly / academic?

Have a look at these links:

Recognizing Scholarly Articles