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Medieval History


   Medieval era was a period of history lasting from around 500 AD - roughly corresponding to the end of the Roman Empire - to about 1500 AD. (source: Collins Dictionary). This time period is also known as the Middle Ages, and is sometimes referred to as the Dark Ages - though this usually refers to the period prior to 1100 AD. During this time, the societal chaos caused by successive waves of invaders from the north led to a relative lack of intellectual enlightenment. (source: Oxford dictionaries)

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A medieval classroom


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"The more things change ..."

As a university student of the twenty-first century you may still be able to relate to university students of the thirteenth century....

A Form Letter for University Students (circa 1220 AD):

"B. to his venerable father A., greeting. This is to inform you that I am studying at Oxford with the greatest diligence, but the matter of money stands greatly in the way of my progress, as it is now two months since I spent the last of what you sent me. The city is expensive and makes many demands: I have to rent lodgings, buy necessaries, and provide for many other things which I cannot now specify. Wherefore I respectfully beg your paternity that by the promptings of divine pity you may assist me so that I may be able to complete what I have well begun. For you must know that "without Ceres [bread] and Bacchus [wine], Apollo [truth] grows cold". Therefore act now so that with the means you provide I can finish what I have begun. Farewell."

source: The Broadview Book of Medieval Anecdotes