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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary field grounded in the languages, histories, geographies, and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples

Indigenous Literature

There has been a shift in publishing from material written about Indigenous Peoples to material written by Indigenous Peoples. More material by Indigenous authors is now available thanks to gradual improvements in the publishing industry, including more Indigenous publishing houses. Some prominent Indigenous publishers include Inhabit Media (Inuit) Theytus Books (Metis) Pemmican Publications (First Nations) Strong Nation.

Indigenous Literature Web Resources: 
Authentic First Peoples Resources recommended Indigenous reads for K - 9
Canadian Indigenous Books for Schools recommended Indigenous reads for K - 12 
Indigenous Read Alouds on Youtube for children's books 
Decolonize Ed a teacher's guide for classroom activities

Indigenous Films: 

Raven Tales Children's animated films.
APTN Lumi Aboriginal Peoples Television Network has some material available for free use (some material requires a paid subscription). Most children's material is freely available. Content in English and various Indigenous Languages.

Fiction, Memoirs, Short Stories, and Poetry Books

book cover: Son of a Trickster
First Wives Club
Empires of the Wild
Full Metal Indigiqueer
Performing Turtle Island
Speaking True
Split Tooth
Moccasin Square Gardens
Marrow Thieves
I am woman
Indian Horse

Academic Books

Why Indigenous Literature Matters
Elements of Indigenous Style
Introduction to Indigenous Literary Critics
A Broken Flute
Plural Sovereignties and Contemporary