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Welcome New Students: Top 12 Library Tips

1. Your Student Card

Your KPU card is your library card!  You can get your KPU Card by applying online.  It is used for student ID, borrowing physical library material (like books and student laptops), and used for tap access to the printer/photocopiers on campus. You can get it anytime during the semester. 

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2. Hours

Our hours can vary depending on what campus you're at, check out our times here.  Watch out, our hours change during intersession and on holidays!

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3. Textbooks

The library doesn't carry all textbooks, but we have some! Search the library catalogue to see if we do, or Ask a Librarian

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4. Borrow

Yes, you can borrow library material. But remember the majority of our collection is online!  If you're looking to buy your textbooks for your classes, visit the bookstore.

You can request most books, DVDs or CDs to be held for pick up at any campus library.

 The loan period is the amount of time you're able to borrow an item. The length of time depends on the type of item.

You can also borrow equipment from the library!

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5. Research Help


Research help is available in-person and online. Visit the Research Help Desk at any of our campus libraries to speak directly with a KPU Librarian. You can also call, chat, type, or text! Visit Ask Us and choose your preferred form of communication.  We get back to your inquiries ASAP.

You can also Contact Your Librarian and get remote one-on-one help from our subject specialists. 

Don't know where to start? Orient yourself to library searches and the basics of research in Research Help.

Need help with writing or study skills?  Visit our friends at The Learning Centre.

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6. Subject Guides

Subject Guides are curated by your Liaison Librarian--a librarian who is an expert in the resources you need in your subject area. They are a list of resources likely to be useful for students doing research in your subject area. Subject Guides contain recommended databases, websites, books and periodicals, as well as information on citation styles and other research resources. They're a great place to start your research!

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7. Citations

Stumped about citations? We're here to help! Visit Citation Styles for guidance on the different types of styles; your instructor will tell you which style is needed for your assignment. You can contact us and a librarian can help you find the resources you need to learn how to cite like an expert.

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8. Regarding study rooms

There are group study rooms available at all our campus libraries for KPU Students. To book a study room, please visit our  online reservation system. You can book up to 2 hours per day. 

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9. Food & Drink

Covered drinks are permitted in all campus libraries. Light snacks are permitted in the Langley, Tech, and Surrey locations. No food is allowed in the Richmond Library or in any computer labs. 


10. Print, copy, scan

Campus libraries are home to many MFPs (Multi-functional printers) that can scan, photocopy, and print.  You can also scan files onto your USB or have the files sent to your KPU email address! Scanning is free of charge, and printing and photocopying is priced per page.

You have the option of printing from one of our computers, from your personal device, or from a USB drive. To learn how, please visit this page

You use your KPU card to activate the MFP; tap the black scanner to the right of the screen on the machine with your card to begin. To load funds to your balance, click on the Papercut icon on any KPU computer desktop or visit while on campus and logged onto KPUSecureStudent wifi. 

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11. Computers

All campus libraries have computers for student use. Use the computers to do things like write a paper, access the internet, conduct research, and print.  TIP: Don't forget to save your work on a USB drive, or email yourself your document(s) before you end your session. Once you log out of the computer, you cannot access any files you left on the desktop or hard drive--they are wiped clean after each session. 

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12. Fines

KPU Library is mostly fine free. We will no longer charge overdue fines for regular collection items like books, magazines and periodicals, CDs, or DVDs. We do charge overdue fines for course reserves and equipment. 

Detailed information regarding fines is available on Overdues & Fines.

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