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Welcome New Students: Scan, Print, Copy, & Fines

Paying For Printing & Copying

Paper Size

Black & White

Single Sided

Black & White

Double Sided (each side)


Single Sided


Double Sided (each side)

Letter & Legal $0.10 $0.095 $0.25 $0.245
11x17 $0.20 $0.19 $0.50 $0.49


Copying & printing at KPU is paid through the PaperCut print management system. When you pick up your KPU card at the Library, we connect your PaperCut account to the card so you can just "tap and go" at the machines.

Click on the PaperCut icon on any KPU computer desktop to check your balance or load money. We can also load money into your account for you at the Library Service Desk (we accept cash, credit or debit cards).

Need to print/copy on campus but forgot your KPU card at home? No problem. The funds are in your PaperCut account, not on your KPU card. So as long as there are funds in your account, you can still print/copy. Just login to the printer/copiers with your student number and password instead of tapping your card.


You have two choices for sending a print job to a library MFP (Multi-function printer).  You can send your print job from a library computer or you can send your print job from your personal device.

Full instructions on how to print or scan can be found at IT's Printing page

Some tips:

  • Black & White, single sided 8.5"x11" are the default print settings. If you want colour, double sided, and/or 11"x17, make sure to select the colour printer and correct settings from the Print Menu before you send your job to the MFP.
  • You will need to have sufficient funds loaded onto your KPU card to print from any campus MFP.  To add money or top off your account balance, visit any Library Service Counter. 
  • To log into an MFP, wave your KPU card on the black scanner on the side of the machine lid.  Don't forget to log off after you're done!  Someone else could photocopy and use your funds by accident.

Stuck? Just ask any library employee.



Go to a MFP (Multi-function printer).  They look like photocopiers and you can use it to print/copy/scan. You need to use the colour machine if you want to copy in colour. Tap in with your KPU card to activate the machine and make copies. You'll find step-by-step instructions on the machines or at IT's Printing page

We are happy to help. If you get stuck just ask any Library employee.



The Library does not have any fax services.  The KSA offers free local faxing to all students.  If their offices are closed, the Bookstore also provides local and long distance faxing for a fee.


Free Scanning!

There is no charge for scanning items in the Library and all machines are self serve.  You have two choices: you can scan and send your material to your KPU email address or you can scan to a USB stick.  For the latter, just take the document(s) you need to scan along with a USB stick (or SD card) to a print/copy/scan machine and follow the instructions posted on the machine.

To scan in colour you don't need to use the colour machines; all the print/copy/scan machines will scan in either colour or black & white.

For step-by-step instructions, visit IT's Printing page.

We are happy to help. If you get stuck just ask any Library employee.



If you are late returning your borrowed library materials, you will be fined.  We have different fine rates, depending on what kind of materials you are borrowing.  We may also charge you a fee for any lost or damaged materials.  You can check your library account to see when materials are due and if you have any money owing.  If you do owe money you can pay online through your library account using Paypal, by phone, or in person at any campus library Service Desk.


SOME ADVICE  You'll want to pay any outstanding fees promptly.  If you owe money you may not be able to register for classes or obtain your transcripts, and if you owe over $25 you will not be able to borrow any more library materials until the account is settled.