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Welcome New Students: First Time Here

COVID-19 Update

Reduced Library Service in response to COVID-19

The library's services are now online. Though our buildings are open, we do not offer in-person public service at this time, except for pre-arranged appointments. Appointments are made to pick-up library material (which you can order through our catalogue), your KPU Card, or to pickup/drop off a student laptop.

Each of our library locations have very limited study space and computer/photocopier/printer access. 

Check out KPU Library COVID-19 Response Guide for up to date information about changes to library services.  

If you need assistance or want to ask a question, you can chat, call, text or email us. 

Welcome New Students

Library Resources for Students

So you're new to KPU

What's the Library for?

The library is where you can get books, articles and other resources for your assignments--and most of our collection is online! It is also the place to get your KPU Card if you need it. You can get help from librarians and library staff remotely. Common questions we hear are: How do I cite in MLA? Where can I get this book? Can you help me find articles for my research paper?  

Pre-COVID, the library was the place to study, book study rooms, access computers and printers, and browse the collection. We can't offer that right now during COVID, although there is some limited study space and computer access for those who really need it. 

How do I ask for help?

There are many ways you can get help from librarians and library staff. You can chat, call, text or email us. Because our Service and Research Help desks are not offering in-person help, it might seem like there is no one around. But we assure you we are here and waiting to help. Please ask us questions! Each subject area has a librarian who is familiar with the resources and topics, and you can even contact them directly.  

I have my first assignment. Where do I start? 

The first time you have to research using a university library can be daunting. Begin by watching the 'Library Resources for Students' video on this page. It gives you the basics on how to search, where to start your research, and how to navigate some of our resources. Still overwhelmed? That's ok. You can chat, call, text or email us and we can communicate one-on-one and help you through your questions.