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Research Help

The following steps outline an effective research strategy needed to complete an essay, class presentation, or a term paper in most courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


The steps outlined on the Tabs above are a simple and effective strategy for finding information for your research paper and documenting the sources you find, regardless of your subject:  

  • Develop Your Topic, Find Context, Find Books, Find Articles, Evaluate Your Sources, Cite.  

Search Tools

Type of Information


Library Search Tool

 Background information

  • Encyclopedias
  • Books

  Library Catalog

  Summon Search

 Scholarly Information

  • Scholarly journals, books

  Library Catalog

  Research Databases

  Summon Search

Additional current or up-to-date information

  •  Magazines, Newspapers, World Wide Web

  Research Databases


Current news, products, and trends within a specific trade or industry

  •  Trade journals

  Research Databases