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Welcome New Students: Textbooks

Many students ask, 'Can I get my textbook in the library?' The answer to this question is: 'Sometimes!'  

We do not have every textbook on our shelves, but sometimes we'll have a copy so it doesn't hurt to check. Take a look below for advice on how to find a list of your textbook through the bookstore or OSS, what options you have at the library, and information about ZTC Programs. 

Check the bookstore

There is a KPU Bookstore at all four KPU campuses. Learn more about hours and locations. 

Visit the KPU Bookstore's website to look up your course and to obtain your textbook list. Search by Campus Term, Department, Course and Section. Click on 'Textbooks' then 'Buy Textbooks' to be brought to the search page.

You can also view a consolidated list of your textbooks through Online Self-Service (OSS) Portal. Log in, click on 'Student menu,' then 'Registration,' and finally 'View personalized textbook list.'

The Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks. Visit the Bookstore FAQs for important tips on buying and selling textbooks, including ways to save money. 

Textbooks and the Library


This is one of the most common questions we get at the start of every semester.

The library may not have your required textbooks in our collection, but you are certainly welcome to check and see! Search for your textbook using our catalogue or Summon Search from Make sure you check the author names, edition, and publication years; Different editions can vary greatly! 

The library is where you BORROW or ACCESS books, articles, films and other material free of charge. You could still get charged if items are lost or returned damaged, but there is no charge to borrow library material.

The KPU Bookstore is where you go to PURCHASE your textbooks or access to ebooks. 


If it's a physical book, simply click on the orange 'Place Hold' button when you find a book in our catalogue that you want to request to borrow and follow the prompts. We will let you know by email when it is ready for you to pick up. There will be a link in the same email to book an appointment to pick up your books.  

If we have an ebook version of your textbook, follow the 'Full Text Online' links via Summon or the 'Electronic Access' link in our catalogue. 


You will need to have your KPU Card to pick up library material. To make your KPU Card, submit your photo and fill out the KPU Card Submission Form and the library will email you to let you know when it is ready to pick up. Make sure to bring government-issued photo ID! Visit The KPU Card to get started.



Investigate OER & ZedCred

Did you know KPU offers over 800 courses that have zero textbook costs? These courses use free open education resources (OER) and library resources. There are many programs that are Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC), see their list of program here

Want to find courses that have zero textbook costs?  It's easy! Just visit Zero Textbook Cost and watch the video to learn how to search the Academic Timetable to identify these courses (hint: click on 'Zero textbook costs' under 'Course Attributes' when you search for sections. You should also see a note in a section's description stating if it has zero textbook costs.)


A reminder about copyright law

Please remember that photocopying and scanning textbooks quickly infringes on the Canadian Copyright Act and copyright law. Visit Copyright for Students in our Copyright & You Libguide to learn about copyright, fair use, and copyright infringement.