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Welcome New Students: Learning Zones & Food

Richmond campus library

The computer lab and north-east corner of Richmond campus library are Quiet Study areas. If you are not sure where the areas are, please ask any Library employee. Click here for a floor map.

Covered drinks are allowed, but please eat outside of the library. There is an eating area just across the hall! 

Langley campus library

The computer lab and south side area of the Langley campus library are designated Quiet Study areas. Please click here for a floor map. 

Covered drinks and foods are allowed at this location.  Please be respectful of those around you and make sure to clean up your recyclables and trash, crumbs attract bugs that like to eat books! 

Surrey campus library

At Surrey Campus Library, each floor is a different designated learning Zone. The 1st floor is Collaborative, the 2nd floor is Quiet, and the 3rd floor is Silent. 

Covered drinks and food are allowed at this location. 

Library Learning Zones

KPU Library has designated learning zones, so you can pick which style of study suits your needs. Learning Zones directory

The Collaborative Learning Zone (1) is great for group work and interactive study with others. 

The Quiet Zone (2) is perfect when you are looking for a bit of a quieter space to study, but still need to talk quietly with friends and classmates. 

The Silent Zone (3) is only found at Surrey Library. This zone is perfect if you want a study space with no distractions. This area is completely silent. 


Look for the signs on the walls outlining our different zones. 


Learning Zones Directory

Tech campus library

The computer lab at Tech campus library is designated as Quiet Study. Click here for a floor map.

Covered drinks are allowed at this location, but please no food.

Space tips

If you have to work on a group project or engage in a prolonged discussion, consider booking a study room

Remember that others around you are trying to study so please keep keep your volume respectful. 

Our libraries are ring free zones so please put your phone on vibrate and take calls outside.

If you would like to report disruptions, please speak to a library employee at the library service desk or text us at 604-610-7415.


Got feedback on any aspect of the library? Please let us know!  Visit Ask Us and fill out the form under Email Us.  Thank you for your comments!