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Welcome New Students: Finding Info For Your Assignment


Try our Summon Search below and find resources across the entire Library collection - ebooks, print books, journal & newspaper articles from our databases and much more! You can always find the Summon Search box in the middle of the Library's homepage.

When you are searching using Summon, it is important to remember to use the filters in the left column of your results page.  Because Summon searches so much of our collection at once, chances are your result list will be really big.  The filters let you refine your search by format, subject, scholarly/peer reviewed, availability in full-text and more.

SOME ADVICE  1. Start your search using the best keywords to describe your topic.  2. If you find a book, article or some other item that exactly matches your topic, do another search using the subject terms listed for that item.  You can easily find the subject terms for an item by clicking on the Preview link. The link allows you to see more information about the item (including any assigned subject headings).


Some alternatives to find what you need:

1. Maybe you need help with your search strategy.

Check out our Research Help Libguide.  This will give advice on how to figure out what kind of information you need and what keywords to use in your searches.  You'll also find Google search tips, research tutorials and much more.

2. It may be what you need is not included in a Summon Search.

Try looking at the LibGuides, subject specific research guides for the different disciplines taught at KPU.  There may be a specialty database or website linked there that is a better resource for what you are trying to find.  You can always contact the Liaison Librarian listed on the guide you are looking at for additional help.

3. You've found a book in the catalogue that you want, but you're just not sure how to find it  in the library.

The text highlighted purple tells you information about the item: It is a Book, there is 1 copy, and there is no hold on the item (the item is not requested by anyone else). 

The text highlighted green tells you information about where to find the item: It is at Surrey Campus Library in the General collection and shelved under the call number QB 472 T83 2017. If a due date is listed under 'location,' this means that the item is currently signed out to another user until that date.

The text highlighted blue is the link you click to place this item on hold. This means you want to reserve the item under your name, to be brought to the campus library of your choice. 

4. Just ask us!

If you can't find what you need, let us help you.  It may be that you have a difficult question, need to look at a hard to find resource, or just need to approach your search from a different angle.  We can get you on the right track.


We should have everything you need to complete your assignments. But if you find something at another university or college that you'd like to borrow, or you want an article that comes up in your searching that we don't have full-text in our collection, you have a few options.

You can request an interlibrary loan and we will bring it in for you from another institution. Here are quick links to the forms:

  • request a  BOOK (please allow 2 weeks for book requests to be processed)
  • request an ARTICLE (Please allow 2-5 days for journal article requests to be processed)

If you are searching for articles in Summon or a KPU database, the "Where can I get this?" link will automatically bring up a link to our interlibrary loan form if we don't have it full-text. The form will already include all the item information filled in for you.

You can also go to the other institution/library yourself and borrow the item directly from them.  Just pick up a COPPUL card from any campus library Service Desk.  If you show that COPPUL card, along with your KPU card, and government issued ID, most universities and colleges in the Lower Mainland will give you a free community borrower card.