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KPU Library videos, screencasts, online activities and more which faculty members can embed into their Moodle course sites.

Quizzes for the Doing Research Tutorial

The Library has developed a 4 part quiz in Moodle to accompany the tutorial Doing Research: A Student's Guide to Finding and Using the Best Sources. Each quiz corresponds to one of the modules.

  • Pt. 1 Ask the right question
  • Pt. 2 Recognize information sources
  • Pt. 3 Plan a search strategy
  • Pt. 4 Evaluate information sources

Our suggestion is that students first work through the content of a single part of the tutorial in Pressbooks, including the H5P activities, and then complete the corresponding Moodle quiz for a grade or participation mark. The quizzes are reasonably short, auto-graded, and rely mostly on multiple-choice, true/false, and matching types of questions. Most students will be able to work through a quiz in 15 minutes. 

Using the quizzes in your course:

Where to find the quizzes:

  • Follow this link to a Moodle Zip file on OneDrive:
  •  From there, you will copy the file and "restore" it in your own Moodle course.

How to get the quizzes into your Moodle Course:

  • You will use the "Restore" option add the quiz to your Moodle course. 
  • See instructions for "How to Restore a Moodle Course" from the Teaching & Learning Commons
  • Be sure to select "MERGE" when restoring to your own course
  • Upon restoring the quizzes to your course site,  please double check your gradebook setup to ensure they are weighted correctly.  For more information, see "How to Set Weights in Moodle" from the KPU Teaching and Learning Commons.

Customizing the quizzes:

  • Instructors can modify the quiz submission behavior, timing, attempts, etc as needed.
  • However, it is NOT recommended that the questions within a quiz be shuffled or randomized, as they build sequentially on a theme.