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Library Tutorials and Activities

KPU Library videos, screencasts, online activities and more which faculty members can embed into their Moodle course sites.

Welcome Anthropology Students

VIDEO: Welcome Introduction for Anthropology Students (1:06)

Meet your Anthropology subject liaison librarian, Rachel Chong.

  • Video (Kaltura)
  • VIDEO: Primary Ethnography (7:05)

    Defines primary ethnographies and how to find them for your research.

    VIDEO: How to Complete a Quiz (1:26)

    Learn how to complete a quiz in Kaltura.

    VIDEO: APA Part 1 Why cite? (1:45)

    Learn why and when to cite.

    VIDEO: Part 2 APA (2:15)

    Understand APA in the larger context of citation.

    VIDEO: Scholarly Articles Part 1 Why Scholarly Articles are Important (4:04)

    What are peer review articles and how do we determine peer review articles from popular articles.

    VIDEO: First Hand Archaeological Sources (1:50)

    In this video we identify what a first hand archeological source is and how to identify it. This video is useful for students in Anthropology studying archeology.

    VIDEOS: Scholarly Articles: Part 2 First Hand Archaeological Sources (5:03)

    In this video we learn how to use the library summon search to locate journal articles. We also learn where to locate citation information for journal articles.

    VIDEO: Books Part 1 When to Use Books (3:16)

    Identify how to use books effectively and distinguish between scholarly and popular books.

    VIDEO: Books part 2: Mesoamerican Plaza

    In this video we will review how to locate books in the library catalog. We will also review how to locate APA citation information.

    Video: Putting it All Together (3:20)

    In this video we outline how to connect your research and writing to complete a research paper.