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Library Tutorials and Activities

KPU Library videos, screencasts, online activities and more which faculty members can embed into their Moodle course sites.


VIDEO: Database Overview (17:51)

This is a general orientation on how to use the database, focusing on the 3D Atlas, 3D Real Time, and Anatomy & Physiology interactive textbook.

  • Video (Kaltura)


    VIDEO: Acupuncture Module in Database (11:52)

    This video covers how to find and search acupuncture information in the database.

  • Video (Kaltura)
  • Video transcript (text file)
  • VIDEO: CREDO Database Search: Health (6:26)

    This video covers the basic features of the Credo database using a health topic search.

  • Video (Kaltura)
  • VIDEO: PsycINFO Basic Search (10:43)

    This covers the basic keyword search approach in PsycINFO as well as using the official Subject Terms to target searches. This also provides an overview of the primary PsycINFO functions: filtering by date and peer-review; preview & folder tools; print, copy, save and cite options; and different ways to access the full-text article.

  • Video (Kaltura)
  • VIDEO: PsycINFO Advanced Search (15:13)

    This video focuses on using the Thesaurus to build boolean searches and some of the filter options not covered in the PsycINFO Basic Search video.

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  • VIDEO: RxTx: Basic Search (6:04)

    This video demonstrates basic drug and condition searches in the database.

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  • VIDEO: RxTx: Advanced Search (10:49)

    This video covers advanced search tips, the Product Identification, Lexi-Interact, and Body Calculation tools, as well as APA citation format for information retrieved from the database.

  • Video (Kaltura)