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Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada ("Statcan") is the national government agency responsible for collecting and publishing socio-economic statistics in Canada.

  • Statistics Canada conducts the national population Census every 5 years.
  • The most recent Census was  conducted in 2021. Data will be released over the next 2 years.
  • See the Census tab on this guide for more info and links to data from previous Censuses..
Other statistics
  • In addition to the Census, Statcan also gathers data from many other surveys and sources on an ongoing basis.
  • It publishes a lot of tables, articles, and reports on its website.
  • You can search all tables (including the Census) through the Data Portal. [Note: in the past they had a separate CANSIM collection.]
What doesn't Statcan measure?

Statistics Canada starting points

The Statistics Canada website is vast. Try these search tools:

How to search Statistics Canada's Data Portal

Laurier University developed this excellent short video (5:29) on Finding Statistics Using StatCan's Data Portal.

APA citation for this video:
Wilfred Laurier University Library. (2018). Finding statistics using StatCan's data portal [Video file]. Retrieved from

Population Estimates and Projections

Since the Census only takes place every 5 years, government agencies produce estimates of the actual population annually


Future projections based on Census figures, birth and death rates, immigration, migration patterns, etc.

Labour force estimates & projections

Public Opinion Polls

Historical statistics