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Subject Liaison Librarian

Territorial Acknowledgment

We at Kwantlen Polytechnic University respectfully acknowledge that we work, live, and study in a region that overlaps with the unceded, traditional and ancestral lands of the xwməθkwəyə̓ m (Musqueam), qi̓ cə̓ y̓ (Katzie), SEMYOME (Semiahmoo), scə̓ waθən (Tsawwassen), qiqéyt (Qayqayt),  Kwikwetlem, and the lands of the qw̓ ɑ:nƛ̓ ə̓ n̓ (Kwantlen) First Nation, which gifted its name to this university.

Anthropology Subject Liaison Librarian - Rachel Chong

Your subject Liaison Librarian is here to help! I help students with research and citation. I help instructors locate resources and offer class orientations to the library. Not sure who to ask - ask me and I'll make sure we find the best person to answer your question.

Please find instructional videos to support Anthropology on our Library Tutorials Guide.

Navigating Anthropology

Subfields of Anthropology

  1. Archaeology
  2. Physical  anthropology (includes biological)
  3. Social and cultural anthropology (may be searched separately too)
  4. Anthropological linguistics
  5. Applied Anthropology (includes ethnographies)

Each of the five topics above have been searched in Summon. Summon locates and brings together all library resources by subject and brings back a large and varied result list. This is just a start; many searches must be refined and limited. 

Approaches to Anthropological Research

Ethnography: traditional anthropological fieldwork: observation/interviews,   emic [informant's understanding]  /etic [researcher's interpretation]
See:  Crime and custom in savage society [Malinowski, 1926]

Comparative: cross-cultural, qualitative/quantitative, identification of patterns, generalization [Occam's razor:  "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity"]  
See:  The golden bough [Frazier, 1890], Coming of age in Samoa [Mead, 1928]

Applied: combination of theory and practice:  multicultural human rights, land claims, indigenous knowledge, medical anthropology.

Checkout books on the following: Anthropology Methods, or Indigenous Methodologies, or Ethnology-Research, or Ethnology - Fieldwork