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"The word ‘ethnography’ has a double meaning in anthropology: ethnography as product (ethnographic writings – the articles and books written by anthropologists), and ethnography as process (participant observation or fieldwork). " (Sanjek & Sanjek, 2009, papa. 1). Sanjek, R., & Sanjek, R. (2009). ethnography. In A. Barnard, & J. Spencer (Eds.), Encyclopedia of social and cultural Anthropology (2nd ed.). Routledge. Credo Reference.

Ethnographies are: 

  • a research method
  • written by an anthropologist
  • fieldwork
  • participant observation

Scholarly Journal Articles
Selected ethnography scholarly articles from KPU subscriptions.

Ethnography streaming films online
Ethnography DVDs

Library of Congress call number range GN to find books on ethnographic research; others material will be in the History section with a call number range of D-F .
You can also search the library catalog for subject headings ethnology, or anthropology research, or applied anthropology. To find an ethnography (or ethnology) of a particular country, place or people be more specific. eg. Ethnology - Papua New Guinea or Ethnology - Asia or Ethnologists--British Columbia or Oral Tradition - British Columbia or First contact of Indigenous peoples with Europeans.