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"Food studies scholarship focuses on the meaning humans bring to food, and its investigations are not defined solely by a certain type of activity (e.g., consumption but not production) or by a certain scope or scale of human organization (thus not small-scale societies over individual behaviors). An approach this broad and heterodox often requires using the theories and methods of multiple disciplines: food studies scholars move easily between history, anthropology, literary studies, political science, development studies, et cetera" (Trubek, 2017, para. 3). Trubek, A. B. (2017). Introduction to food studies methods. In J. Chrzan, & J. Brett (Eds.), Research methods for anthropological studies of food and nutrition: Food culture: anthropology, linguistics and food studies. Berghahn Books. Credo Reference.

Scholarly Journal Articles
Do a Summon search with the keyword food, food marketing, food labeling, Indigenous food, GMO, food history. Limit to scholarly articles.


Food Streaming Films
Food DVDs
Food Marketing Streaming Films and DVDs
Growing Native Northwest: Coast Salish streaming
Return: Native American women reclaim foodways for health & spirit streaming

KPU Library Guide for Sustainable Agriculture
KPU Library Guide for Brewing
Recommended websites from government, non-government organizations, business, and industry.

Find books in the library Catalog under subject headings food, food security, food supply, food additives, and local foods. Also try keyword searches such as food and ethnograph*  (Tip: the * searches for everything to the right of it, so ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographic). We also recommend some specific titles.

New Books

Archaeology of Food
Conversation in Food Studies
Local Food Revolution
Ancestral Appetites
Coffee Culture
Foods, Feasts, and Faith
Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics
Something to Chew On
Edible Memory: The lure of heirloom tomatoes and other forgotten foods