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This guide lists key sources of information for English Language and Literature that are available for Kwantlen users. Click on the tabs for different types of sources and useful research tips.

This guide was created for students in Steve Weber's ENGL 1100 class in summer 2019.

Understanding rhetorical analysis

Finding background info with Credo

Credo Reference is a collection of hundreds of scholarly encyclopedias and dictionaries. It is an excellent place to look for background information on any topic.

The entries range from very short definitions to longer essays. All are written by experts in their fields, so are more trustworthy than information you might find in Wikipedia.

Credo also has a built-in citation tool to help you create an MLA-formatted citation. Make sure to check for mistakes, though!

Credo Logo

"Rhetoric [Mind Map]." Credo Reference, Accessed 10 Jun. 2019.



For a reference source where all entries are written by same author(s):
Incorrect, computer-generated citation from Credo: 

Corrected MLA-formatted citation for this Credo source: 


For a reference source where individual entries are written by different authors, and compiled by one or more editors.
Incorrect, computer-generated citation from Credo:

Corrected MLA-formatted citation for this Credo source:

Types of information sources

Who is the author?

  • holds an advanced degree in the subject covered by the book?
  • professional or researcher in the field?
  • is the author affiliated with a university / professional organization?


  • original research
  • literature review
  • advances research in discipline

Cited Sources?

  • bibliography / extensive notes
  • cites other scholarly sources
  • has an index


  • university press
  • scholarly publisher


  • uses terminology of the discipline
  • is written for other scholars / students
What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Peer-reviewed journals are often called scholarly or academic journals. They are different from popular magazines. Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • are written by experts for other experts
  • usually report on research findings
  • always include many in-text citations and a list of references or works cited by the author(s)
  • most importantly: have been rigorously critiqued and reviewed by experts for quality before being published. This is called peer-review.

MLA citation for video:
"Peer review in 3 minutes." YouTube, uploaded by North Carolina State University Libraries, 2014,

Research databases we may use in class

Use Summon to search *almost* the entire KPU library collection at one time! Find books, journal articles, videos, and more!