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Interior Design (IDSN)

This guide contains a selection of resources, from the Library and beyond, for your research in Interior Design

Finding Statistics Information

Statistics Canada

Statistical information can be found from a variety of sources including government at the federal, provincial and local (municipal, city, etc.) levels. The library's Statistics Subject Guide will give you access to these sources:

Associations and Organizations

Associations and organizations are often good sources as well. Try to determine what associations/organizations might focus on your area of research. Look for links to research reports, statistics, education, library resources, etc.

Some examples focussed on housing:

Newspapers and Journals articles

Newspaper and journal articles are often good sources for statistical information. Try including words like "statistics" in your search to zero in on appropriate content. Tip! Newspapers stories often refer to statistical reports or organizations that might lead you to a wealth of information on your topic. For Canadian content, try:

Data Services Subject Guide