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This guide lists key sources of information for English Language and Literature that are available for Kwantlen users. Click on the tabs for different types of sources and useful research tips.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities sources: books, journal titles, journal articles, and websites.

Open Source Scholarly Databases

Open Education Resources - a list of Open Online resources in a variety of disciplines

Recommended Texts

Digital Tools

Building Websites

Building Audio Files

  • Audio Recording and Editing
  • Free Music and Sound Effects
    • Freeplay Music - This expansive collection of music offers an assortment of licenses depending on the user's intentions, most notably free for personal/educational use. Be sure to read through the licensing options before downloading. This site has music organized by CD volume, style and "feel" in 10, 20, 30, 60 second and longer lengths.
    • Videomaker - This site provides links to a wide variety of sites where you can download free sound effects.
    • Free Sound Effects

Creating Infographics - Possible visual platforms include, but are not limited to these infographic options: Also check these Infographics guides: Tutorials for Creating Infographics,  Creating Infographics, Graphic Design Resources

  • Tools for Creating Infographics
    • - Online application to create infographics.
    • Creately - A free, online version of software that helps you create custom diagrams and charts.
    • - Create super simple interactive graphics.

Free Images

Mapping Software

Social Media

Scholarly Communication - articles of interest

Training Videos

Presenting at Conferences

Presentation Tools

Prezi - build an effective presentation

Power Point - how to create presentations in Power Point


Composition and Rhetoric