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Design (DESN, FIND)

The Design Collection

For Design studies, your "home" library is at Richmond Campus where you have access to a wide selection of design resources in both print and online formats.

PRINT Resources. KPU has 4 campus libraries, and although you're welcome to use any one, you 'll find most of the print books, journals, magazines, and films that support your course work will be located at Richmond.

NLINE Resources. Many online library resources (e-books, journals, and articles) can be accessed off campus with your username and password.

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Print books are kept in three places in the library:

(1) General Collection - books that can be borrowed
(2) Reference Collection - library use only
(3) Reserve Collection - restricted access

General Collection - Most books are located in the "General Collection". A General Collection book can be borrowed from the library for  28 days and will be automatically renewed if no one has placed a hold on it. Books are organized on the shelf by an alpha-numeric code called a "Call Number". Related books are shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.

Confused about call numbers? Our guide Finding Stuff in the Library may help! or ask us for help. We'll be glad to help you!

Reference Collection - The library also maintains a Reference Collection. Reference books are for in-library use only. Books are organized on the shelf by an alpha-numeric code called a "Call Number"

Reserve Collection - Sometimes an instructor will request a book be placed on Course Reserve. Students must ask for the book at the Service Counter. Most books have a limited loan period (e.g. 2 hours, 3 days, 1 week) so that many students can access it.

 E-books - Use the Library Catalogue or SUMMON to access online books.

Periodicals can be found in several areas of the library and are usually described as being Current or a Back Issue

Current Issues Area (current year)

Located on display shelving near the front of the library.Journals and magazines are organized in alphabetical order by Title. By current, we usually mean the current year, so look for 2019 issues here.

Newspapers - Look for the most current edition on the newspaper rack at the front of the library.

Back Issues Area   

Located in the north-east corner of the library near the quiet study carrels. Back issues are organized in alphabetic order by Title, followed by date.

Newspapers. We only keep 3 months of the paper copies and these are kept, with the exception of the most current edition, in the Back Issues areas.

Subscription databases

And don't have access to thousands of journals and articles through our subscription databases.

The Liaison Librarian for Interior Design is:

Sigrid Kargut

Email: sigrid.kargut<@>