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Cultural Appropriation


Cultural appropriation is when one culture (typically a dominant culture) takes components of another culture, disconnecting the components from their culture of origin. Cultural appropriation is disrespectful and not inclusive. Respectful cultural appreciation, on the other hand, includes cultural collaborations, attribution, acknowledgement, and the channeling of wealth back into the community the culture is from. One of the best ways to prevent cultural appropriation in fashion and design is to actively choose collaboration, crediting the collaborating artists/communities and compensating them for their contribution.

Cultural Appropriation: Web Resources

  1. Podcast by Jesse Wente on Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation: DVD's and Streaming

  1. Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation - 4min - CBC Radio Unreserved streaming
  2. What is Cultural Appropriation? - 10min - Youtube
  3. Cultural Appropriation in the Creative Industry - 12min - Youtube
  4. Headdress - 6min - Curio Streaming

KPU Library would like to acknowledge that this page was made in collaboration with Wilson School of Design, Métis student Jennifer Lamont.


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