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Climate Emergency: Home

Warming stripes image showing progression of cooler years to hotter years.

Global warming stripes depicting years 1850-2018, image developed by Ed Hawkins, 2018.

The climate emergency is arguably humanity's most pressing issue. This guide is a starting point for the KPU community to engage in learning about the climate crisis and ways we can contribute to solutions. The climate literature is vast and overwhelming and it can be anxiety- or grief-inducing; these pages highlight just a few significant sources of information and, wherever possible, reflect a local or provincial perspective. 

Katharine Hayhoe - Climate scientist and communicator

The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it.

"We can't give in to despair...we have to go out and look for the hope we need to inspire us to act -- and that hope begins with a conversation, today."

~ Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe


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